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Meet Anneri

Most little girls love to play and dream about princesses. When we grow up we still crave that feeling of pampering we got from playing in a fantasy world. I think mostly we crave the feeling of being special and worthy of pampering and being beautiful. But these days what I like even more is creating that feeling for every woman that sets foot in Beauty Heaven.

I always knew….

I wanted to work in the beauty industry and I went to study Somatology at Sunray Beauty Academy straight after school. Starting my classes made me so excited about starting my own salon I could not even wait to finish up. I started Beauty Heaven while still studying and started building up my loyal customer base.

I never worked so hard in my life! But it was worth every aching muscle and sleepy hour. In my final year I won the award for Best Upcoming Salon from Sunray Beauty Academy. From there I only looked forward and Beauty Heaven is now an established salon in our area.

The best part…

I started out with doing the standard treatments you get in most salons, but then I started learning the craft of nails! I think this might be the best part of the beauty industry for me as I get to be creative, but I also get to sit down with my clients who become good friends. At Beauty Heaven we take pride in making women feel as good as new.


  • Nails
  • Skin treatments
  • Make-up

Just a good ear…

I am very much aware that women can only truly look good on the outside when they feel good from the inside. Sometimes my clients need someone to listen more than they really need a manicure… and that is fine with me! I have good ears, hands and shoulders. Let me make you feel as good as new, inside and out!

Meet Nicole

I have always loved colour. When I was younger I could blend and match colours for hours while colouring in pictures, just to see what it would look like. And to brush your fingers through a lock of hair just ready to be made into a masterpiece… that’s how I spent my days growing up. Colouring and brushing.

It was only when I was older I realised that I could combine the two things I enjoy so much by colouring hair!

I always knew….

I wanted to learn everything about hair and colour and went to study at the La Louve Private Hair Academy after school. I enjoyed learning the finer techniques for cutting, drying, colouring and styling hair and could not wait to start doing this every day. I performed very well in all aspects of my course, but colouring won hands down every time.

Being a stylist is hard work. You’re on your feet all the time, lifting your arms above your head countless times a day. You have to be creative every single minute of the day and be the shoulder that many customers need when they sit down and let go.

The best part…

But I love it! The best part of being a stylist is the challenge of creating something beautiful from something plain and then to see the effect of the results on someone’s face. I’m in my element when I’m surrounded by people as is the case in this career.  


  • Colour
  • Cutting
  • Styling

My mother always told me that change… and a haircut… is as good as a long holiday. I love being able to give my customers a well-deserved holiday in the middle of the week without packing or unpacking. I love my job!

If you would like to advertise on this website please contact Anneri on on 072 402 3123
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